Mark Manners

He may have an unassuming presence off-stage, but if you have been paying attention, you might by now have realized that this man is everywhere. Mark Manners started playing music as a young boy and has never stopped. Whether it's teaching to playing in the studio to performing onstage, Mark Manners does it all -- and he does it prolifically. Manners balances a full-slate of private students, his own personal musical work, and all of the many ensembles and configurations with which he plays with a grace and poise only rivaled by his guitar-playing. You don't want to miss a chance to see Mark -- and if you did, you'd be pretty hard-pressed to do so.

Shows (all times AKT):
May 19th @ 7 PM (+ Yngvil Vatn Guttu & Rick Zelinsky)
May 26th @ 12 PM (+ Armin Abdihodzic)