Ingrid Jensen

Spenard Jazz Festival is proud to welcome Canadian-born trumpet player, Ingrid Jensen to the virtual stage for this year's festival. Since her career began back in 1995, Jensen has lead and played on countless releases, spanning across borders to bring her music into the souls of many. Some of Jensen's accolades include winning the Juno Award for her debut album Vernal Fields (1995), and becoming the youngest professor in the history of Austria's Bruckner Conservatory. From busking on the streets of New York City, to the halls of Australia and South Africa, to our festival in our little corner of the world up here in the 49th State, Jensen's music brings a warm and smooth technique that is guaranteed to impress your ears & soothe your soul. 

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Shows (all times AKT):
May 19th @ 12 PM (+ guests)