Karrie Pavish Anderson + Stephen Blanchett - Double Bill


Starting the night, at 7 PM, Karrie Pavish Anderson joins us for a short set of her cold-brewed Alaskan soul music, streamed LIVE from the wilds of Willow, Alaska. Lyrical word-play & harmonies abound! We are then joined by founding member of Alaskan band, Pamyua, Stephen (Qacung) Blanchett, to close out Night 3 of the festival. His set starts at approx. 8 PM.

Karrie Pavish Anderson: 7 PM Stephen (Qacung) Blanchett: 8 PM

Price: $10

Read more about Karrie here: https://spenardjazzfest.org/karrie-pavish-anderson Read more about Stephen here: https://spenardjazzfest.org/stephen-blanchett