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2018 JAZZ FEST HOUSE CONCERT SERIES IN MAY - How to get invited:

IT"S STARTING MAY 19th !!!!!!

Each year we're taking music DEEP-er into the local community.

Spenard Jazz Fest House Concert Series  is a wonderful way of getting up close to music making in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a house, yard or apartment in your neighborhood. Great music happens when someone's playing to someone who listens.

Friends of Spenard Jazz Fest are opening their homes for us all to meet and have a great time! There will be close to ten house concerts and yard parties featuring musicians from Anchorage, Seward, Juneau and Seattle.

If you want to be invited by one of the hosts (or all of them ), there is a link at the top of this page. You can also click here to request an invite, or email us at

Look for Facebook invites from the hosts as well, but be aware that many of the events are RSVP only!

See you at the house concerts in May!!


2018 Schedule at a glance