OCTOBER 26 7 pm @ WRITER's BLOCK: A musical lecture on CRIME JAZZ



What do ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, ‘It’s So Nice To Have A Man Around The House’, ‘This Is All I Ask’, Gloria’s Steps’, and ‘African Flower’ have in common? They all express some kind of attitude to women which we may or may not agree with anymore...

Normally Jazz artists discuss CHORD progressions -

Saturday Nov 16, Michael Dickerson will discuss MORAL progression of the view of women in jazz...

Michael will be introducing and analyzing each tune, giving the audience several ways to listen, engage, reflect, and discuss.

It will feel like a fun class on a serious topic. 

After a brief intermission follows  a concert featuring tunes that convey a variety of attitudes towards women.

Michael plays cocktail piano covers, and people may want to talk and drink over him !!!!

However, some patrons might choose to use what they learned in the first half to understanding the second.

FREE for SJF members ! $5 for everyone else !!!


SJF wishing all our members and friends a Happy Holiday Season !!! 


Spenard Jazz Fest  is the the most fun organization to belong to in all of Anchorage !!!


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